The Five Points Story

Where culture, community, and fine dining converge in Utica, NY.

Five Points and Utica's Irish History

Like the historic Five Points neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, Utica has a long history of Irish immigration going back to John C. Devereux, who came from Co. Wexford and settled in Utica in 1802. He was a merchant, the first mayor of Utica, and founder of the Utica Savings Bank. He even organized Utica's first St. Patrick's Day parade.

And like Five Points in New York City, Five Points Pub sits at the 5-point intersection of three streets in the heart of Utica's famed brewery district. Built on a site chosen for its historical significance, it stands on "sacred ground" in the eyes of Utica's Irish community: the very spot where Utica's first Irish Catholic church, St. Patrick's, was erected in 1850.

Utica's Many Cultures

From its earliest days, Utica has embraced many cultures, with immigrants and visitors gathering here from all over the world as they traveled along the Erie Canal to points west. That's why Utica's legendary food culture is flavored with hints of Italian, German, and Polish dishes. And we keep adding more spices from all over the world - Bosnia, Burma, Vietnam, Thailand, and many other countries.

Instead of a melting pot boiling all of these cultural traditions together into a murky soup, Utica is more like a colorful salad with the best of each culture tossed together.

Irish Culture for Everyone

In September 2018, three shipping containers arrived in Utica from Dublin where every piece of our authentic Victorian-era Irish pub was handcrafted. After months of work to reassemble the pub, complete with a handpainted ceiling mural and mosaic tile floor, the pub is now open to welcome everyone into a truly Irish experience.

Irish culture is known for friendliness, humor, generosity, music, dancing, stories, poetry, and fun! We even have a word for it - craic. And we want to share its best points with the whole community. We invite you to come in and have a pint, hear a story, sing a song, celebrate with your old friends and make some new ones. We want to share our culture with you!

At Five Points Pub, there are no strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.